Sunday, October 3, 2010

Glenfiddich 15 Solera Reserve

Glenfiddich is the number one selling Single Malt in the world.  It is one of the iconic Speyside whiskies, famous for their triangular bottles and deer head insignias (the name means valley of the deer).  In the U.S., the Glenfiddich 12 is available even in those establishments that only have two or three Single Malts available. 

Glenfiddich 15 is aged in a solera system.  After this whisky is aged at least 15 years, the vat is partially emptied, but never more that fifty percent of the whisky is removed.  The vat is then refilled with slightly younger whisky and it is resealed and aged again.  This means that the youngest whisky is 15 years old, but there are some older whiskies in the vat as well - theoretically, some would be quite old.  It is aged in three types of oak - bourbon, sherry, and new oak for depth of flavor. 

Nose:  Spice, Fruity - Apple Citrus, Honey, Caramel, Tea

Palate:  Spice, Tea, Sherried influence coming through, fruit - slightly waxy

Finish:  Fruity, Oaky, Toffee, Almond - and a tiny bit bitter

Overall a very nice whisky, and a very good value.  In my area, this is priced around $45/ 750ml
For more information on Solera aging:  Click Here