Friday, January 28, 2011

Balvenie 15 Single Barrel

Up for review today is the Balvenie 15 - Single Barrel. I love single barrel/cask offerings, and wish more distilleries offered them. Typically, at least in the Scotch world, single barrel offerings are mostly only available from the independent bottlers, which I support as well. Single barrel bottlings are valued because of the variety, or inconsistencies between each barrel.

The bottle I am reviewing was from Cask 252, Bottle 155, 25/01/95-09/02/10

As trivial as this is, I must also point out that I am a fan of their bottle, label, and packaging design as well. Simple and elegant.

Nose: Honey, Apple, Citrus, Vanilla - Sweet

Palate: Honey, cereal, grape

Finish: Raisin, vanilla, a touch of chocolate. The finish actually reminds be a bit of Chunky bars (Remember these?).

Overall: This is an excellent whisky. As a non sherried, non peated, whisky, it is nicely complex and satisfying. If you have never tried this, I highly recommend it, for Scotch enthusiasts of all experience levels. This is approachable for someone who has never tasted Scotch, but complex enough for the die hard as well.
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