Sunday, October 10, 2010

Glenfiddich 18

With last week's review of Glenfiddich 15 still fresh in my mind, I decided to follow up with a review of Glenfiddich 18. For more information on the distillery see last week's review or click Here. The 18 is a combination of whisky aged in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks, and whisky from American Oak.

Nose: Sherry influence is evident along with Apple, Raisin, Caramel, Honey, and a touch of floral is also evident. Nice nose.

Palate: Here the American oak is more evident with flavors of Oak, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Honey. This is a more mellow and rounded than the 15.

Finish: Drying with flavors of Mocha, Cherry, Coffee, and a touch of Smoke.
Nice finish as well.

Overall: I really enjoyed the Nose and Finish of this whisky. Where I find it lacking is in the Palate. As I mentioned, it is more mellow and rounded than the 15, but for my taste, it is a bit too mellow. If the palate was as good as the nose and finish, they would have a real winner on their hands with this one. Please don't get me wrong, I enjoy this whisky, but I can not say that it is hands down better than the 15. I would give both the 15 and the 18 about the same score. In my area the 15 is about $45, and the 18 is $70/750ml. Comments?

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