Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Old Pulteney 12

For many Scotch enthusiasts, Old Pulteney is the quintessential maritime single malt. However, this seems to be one of those love it or hate it whiskys for the same reasons. One of the aspects that makes Old Pulteney a maritime Scotch is that it tastes a bit salty. I have a theory that people on the "hate it" side of the fence also do not like tequila. Old Pulteney does not taste like tequila, but I believe they share a few of the same characteristics.

Note: Old Pulteneys' website says that Old Pulteney is aged in 100% bourbon barrels, yet I pick up Sherry on the nose and finish. What does this mean? Nothing.

Nose: Sherry, honey, tequila, salt, ocean, apple, cereal, citrus

Palate: Salty, lemon, honey

Finish: Sherry, nutty, a bit drying

Overall: I think this is one of the best values in all of Scotch whisky. I found this bottle for $29. (It was $39 in the state I lived in previously) At this price, it can not be beaten. At any price it is a solid, complex, single malt. I highly recommend it to anyone who has never tried it, if you do not think that you would be turned off by a salty, ocean like Scotch.

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