Friday, May 13, 2011

Glenlivet Nadurra

In the United States, The Glenlivet 12 is one of the most recognized and popular single malts. It is one of the two or three expressions that is available anywhere alcohol is served. Its popularity probably comes from it being a very middle of the road expression (and its price). However, this middle of the road profile that leads to acceptance by the masses, tends to steer the Scotch enthusiasts in different directions.
(Some hobbyists do keep the 12 on hand as part of their 'daily dram' routine and for guests)

Then The Glenlivet introduces Nadurra. Nadurra has nearly everything that enthusiasts want. It is non-chill filtered, no caramel added, and it is bottled in batches at natural cask strength. The introduction of the Nadurra is a huge credit to such a large company as The Glenlivet, because it really shows they are paying attention to not only the masses, but to the hobbyists as well.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but how does it taste??

Nose: Apple juice, marshmallow, oak, grape honey - with water it is much more floral with berries and pineapple coming through as well. With the right amount of water, this one becomes almost tropical

Palate: Grape, honey, berries, yeast (bread), mint, mango

Finish: nutty, oaky, slight citrus peel

Note: I do not typically say this, but I think this expression greatly improves with the addition of water.

Overall: In my opinion, this is a big improvement over the 12. This is definitely worth checking out. It is also a good value, I picked my bottle up for around $55.

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