Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dalmore 15

Dalmore is one of the distilleries that has built quite a bit of prestige in the industry by having a whisky that is known for aging well. They have a 40 year old as a part of their regular line up, and release even older expressions as special releases. A few years ago, Dalmore released a special edition 62 year old which was a vatting of several casks, the oldest of which was produced in 1868.

I love Islay whiskies. In fact, I enjoy most all whiskies, but I tend to be a sucker for big, heavily sherried drams. The fact that this is not only solely aged in Sherry casks, but also is aged in three different types of Sherry casks, really gets me excited. Will the Dalmore 15 satisfy my Sherry craving, or leave me wanting more? On to the review!

Nose: Sherry, caramel, maple syrup, citrus, cherry, soy sauce

Palate: Apple, citrus, fruity, coffee

Finish: Lightly oaky, sweet, dried fruit

Overall: A very solid 15 year old Sherried dram. I do wish the finish were a bit longer, but this is quite clearly a high end product. However, it is on the higher end of the 15 year price range. Then again, there are new distilleries charging the same price for three year old (or younger) whiskies. Overall, I think it is worth the premium, at least on occasion.

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