Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Highland Park 12

Highland Park is generally regarded as a single malt Scotch that has a little of everything. It is lightly Sherried and lightly peated as well. If you have never tried this, and are thinking of picking up a bottle, or are just getting into Single Malt Scotch, I highly recommend giving it a try. This is a staple daily dram for many Scotch enthusiasts.

Nose: Sweet and fruity - Apple, orange, maple syrup, raisin, finishing with a bit of earthy peatiness

Palate: Apple follows through along with cinammon, caramel, a slight oakiness, vanilla

Finish: More of the earthy peatiness from the nose, and quite drying

Overall: There are not many Scotch whiskies that start sweet and finish dry, and pull it off as nicely as this one. Highland Park has really done a nice job of balancing the flavours into a very well balanced Scotch. One of the best of it's style, and certainly one of the best values around. Of course, if you are in the mood for a true peat punch or a sherry bomb, there are other choices out there, but this is a really good middle of the road whisky, and a nice choice for an everyday dram. Availability of the 12 and the 18 years old is good in stores, but I would like to see more special editions available in the U.S. (What's up with distillery only editions anyway?) Also, if any bar owners read this, please make sure you have this one in stock as it is a go to for many Scotch drinkers.
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